How is this relevant to obesity and why is it a solution?

By following a regular exercise regime, eating healthier foods and practicing meal moderation, individuals will lose weight over a period of time and decrease their BMI.

How does this method work?

If a patient practices regular exercise daily and their caloric intake is lower than the amount of energy exhausted through their workout routine, the patient will experience weight loss. For example, if a patient starts a 30-minute workout regime every day and cuts down on the normal amount of calories they consume (500 kcal lower), they could lose 0.5 Kgs in a week.

Who needs to practice this method?

People with a BMI over 25 or who fall within the BMI range of morbidly obese, obese or overweight.

What are some benefits of this method?

  • Natural weight loss that doesn’t require a recovery process or major alterations to the body.
  • Dieting and exercise are free techniques for weight loss that don’t require insurance coverage and can be conveniently practiced at home.