What is a support system?

When looking into bariatric surgery options, it is essential that patients have a strong support system of family, friends and qualified professionals. A support team of skilled professionals can help reassure patients when it comes to available health treatment options.

The importance of a support system in their journey to a better life

Having a support system is a valuable tool that ensures patients reach their desired weight loss goals in the most efficient way possible. It also assists in the recovery and maintenance processes post operation.


How can Bidaya help me find the support I need?
Bidaya helps patients by providing them with the support and resources they need to make an informed decision and have a successful treatment experience. This is done by matching patients with expert medical providers to answer all of their treatment-related questions.


Support Groups
A new useful tool that Bidaya has introduced is monthly support group sessions where potential patients can meet with previous patients and get a better understanding of the physical and emotional aspects they may face, both pre and post operation. Potential patients also get the opportunity to sit one-on-one with bariatric surgeons to voice any apprehensions or fears they may have regarding the procedures and to provide clarity before undergoing the process.
Lifestyle Management
We know that choosing to undergo bariatric surgery is no easy task. The effects the procedure has on your life will span beyond the actual operation, and substantial changes are bound to occur as the life-long commitment towards health has just begun. To help patients through their journey, we offer lifestyle coaching and expert advice to help equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to see continuous progress.