Why is financing essential in making informed healthcare decisions?

An individual’s finances have significant influence on making any life decision—and healthcare decisions are no exception. When it comes to choosing a weight loss treatment, some patients, understandably want to opt in for less expensive options, consequently affecting the quality of choices they make. To combat the issue of having to choose between lower rates or the right choice, Bidaya has partnered up with financial institutes that provide assistance to patients by taking care of their financing.

Why should financing not stop you from seeking health care?

You cannot put a price on good health. In our years of experience in the industry, we’ve learned that the financial burden of maintaining a lifestyle that promotes obesity or the treatment of obesity and diabetes is not only more costly than most bariatric surgeries in the long run, but also potentially fatal. As conditions worsen, treatment prices progressively increase—leaving the patient to face financial, physical, and emotional turmoils.


How does Bidaya help you finance?
Understanding the various financial burdens and concerns many patients face, Bidaya has worked to build relationships with a variety of financial institutions in the UAE to help individuals receive the treatments they need with effective payment plans and loans. We work closely with these institutions to provide the best solutions so that finances does not deter individuals from choosing the right procedure.


Bidaya partners with many financial institutions to offer patients various loan options when funding their medical operations. These loan options are guaranteed to supply financing with low-interest rates and many terms to fit each patient’s budget.

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Payment Plans
In addition to loan financing, many healthcare facilities offer financial solutions in the form of payment plans. These plans are usually termed at 6 to 12 months during which patients can make installments with 0% interest.

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