Why Visit the UAE?

In recent years, the UAE has developed into the fastest growing medical hub in the world. 2016 marked a 9.5% increase in tourists flocking to Dubai seeking health services and medical treatments in the city; these numbers are only expected to grow further.

Along with offering a broad range of skilled physicians, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and top-tier medical facilities, the United Arab Emirates also works to ease visa procedures for patients coming from abroad.

It brings us great comfort to know our patients will always be taken care of once they decide to embark on a journey towards weight loss and health. Patients will find confidence in determining the procedure that is right for them while experiencing ease in the recovery process and the opportunity to bask in the warm hospitality that Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and their neighboring emirates have to offer.

Cultural Diversity

The UAE offers a diverse cultural community unique to other destinations. Because of its varied community of physicians and healthcare providers from across the globe, we are able to fortify our international expertise by integrating different medical backgrounds and merging them into one unified network of the best medical care the world has to offer. With diversity, comes an ability to communicate in many different languages and dialects—perfect for patients coming from abroad.

Progressive Medical Equipment and Procedures

Recognizing the potential for growth, the United Arab Emirates has progressively allocated substantial budgets towards growing the medical sector further and successfully establishing it as the hub of medicine in the region. The United Arab Emirates has diminished the need to travel abroad for medical attention as it has succeeded in attracting world-renowned physicians and surgeons. Increased investments in the medical industry have quickly led it to become the most attractive place for both patients and top-quality physicians alike due to the availability of state-of-the-art medical technology, cutting edge equipment and training in advanced procedure methodology.

Cost Efficiency and Visa Processes

The UAE has also made sure to set procedures at reasonable rates, especially for international tourists. With soaring costs of health care in nearly every country, the UAE has recognized the opportunity to attract a large market of medical tourists with high-quality medical facilities along with competitive rates for health care operations. In 2017, the Dubai Health Authority and The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs Dubai signed an agreement to promote medical tourism by easing visa procedures for patients seeking treatment.

Post-operation Recuperation

The United Arab Emirates is an exceptionally dynamic country to visit as it brings together sophistication and opulence with the grandeur of quintessential Arabian tradition. With various pristine crystal-blue beaches, adventurous desert safaris, visits to the top of the world’s highest structure, or the breathtaking Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque—the UAE is the perfect place to unwind after the stress of undergoing a bariatric procedure, with activities and attractions to suit any patient.