What is a lifetime value?
Throughout our years of experience, we’ve found that sometimes patients may be deterred from choosing a procedure that is ideal for them, based on their finances. While we do understand that funds play a pivotal role in deciding to opt for bariatric surgery, we believe it should never be the sole determining force keeping you from potentially life-threatening diseases associated with excess weight. We urge our patients to see these procedures as a life-long investment in themselves and in time spent with their loved ones.
How can you calculate lifetime value?
For most people, especially candidates for bariatric surgery, non-surgical solutions may seem like a more appealing option when looking to cut costs. However, according to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and World Health Organization (WHO), obesity and diabetes treatments across the United Arab Emirates, cost individuals around $6,000 annually.
Lifetime value of surgical procedures VS non-surgical procedures
Upon calculation, in a 5-year period, an obese patient with diabetes spends more money on non-surgical treatment methods such as weight loss or medication than the cost of the actual surgery. A surgical bariatric procedure is the most cost-efficient option in the long run for patients, as well as an instant solution for any of the emotional or physical trauma that obesity may cause.