What is this procedure?

The gastric botox method is an endoscopic procedure executed by a physician where a scope is guided through the mouth of a sedated patient down their esophagus to their stomach. Once the device is resting on the stomach, the physician then moves it to the junction where the stomach and small intestine meet to inject botox into the pyloric sphincter.

How does this procedure work?

Injecting the pyloric sphincter with botox causes the muscle to relax so food from the stomach can be more easily digested. By relaxing the muscle, the physician speeds up the patient’s process of digestion which lessens the amount of fat that is absorbed by the body.

Who should have this procedure?

Gastric botox is a good procedure for those with overweight or obese BMI levels that wish to lose weight without having to undergo a major operation.

What are the benefits of having this procedure?

  • Patients can use this procedure as an alternative to major surgery.
  • This procedure is less expensive than major surgical procedures and simple to administer by a qualified physician.
  • Gastric botox can aid in ongoing weight loss for periods up to six months after one injection.